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By Bob McGary

The Esnagami River offers the opportunity for an excellent day or overnight trip for speckled [brook] trout, walleyes and northern pike. Guests who stay at Esnagami Lodge and undertake the trip down river are accompanied by an experienced guide. Aluminum boats are used on the top part of the river, and at the end of two short portages freighter canoes with outboard motors are available for travel further downstream.

Eric Lund with brook trout While fishing with Eric Lund, owner of Esnagami Lodge, I was impressed with both the numbers and quality of fish. Our first stop, having passed any number of other good looking spots, was below a waterfall. In half an hour, we caught and released a dozen walleyes and a few northerns. Further downstream, we fished for specks for about two hours and were rewarded with thirty (30) trout.

Fishermen on a day trip can regularly expect to catch up to 100 walleyes and 10 to 20 brookies. The walleye average one and a half to three pounds and put up a tremendous fight in the current flow. The specks are one to two pounds, averaging 14 to 18 inches in length. Most anglers use jigs and spinners for both walleyes and trout, but we used fly rods with both dry and wet flies for the specks and enjoyed outstanding success

Author Bob McGary with Esnagami River brook trout
Author Bob McGary
The Esnagami River flows about 60 to 70 miles before it meets the Little Current River flowing into the Albany River. On day trips, only the upper 5 to 10 miles of the Esnagami River are explored and fished. The time frame for fishing the Esnagami River is from the first of June to mid-August, low water levels limiting access in late summer. The action is consistent throughout the summer and provides Esnagami Lodge guests a nice change of pace from their walleye and pike fishing on Esnagami Lake.

For more information about Esnagami Wilderness Lodge please contact Eric & Sue Lund

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